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American terrorists! December 3, 2008

Posted by rationalskeptic in Society and Culture.




These are a few different “religions” that I would qualify as terrorist organizations. The mere fact that these people allow their children to suffer and die from treatable diseases is callous terrorism. This happens because they have “faith” that god will save them or their children. We should either label these people as terrorists or if there is a god, label him/her a terrorist.

I will have a more in depth analysis of these matters. I just had to rant.



1. Gabriel - December 4, 2008

Quick thought.

“We should either label these people as terrorists or if there is a god, label him/her a terrorist.”

Don’t forget “god” could be “gods”… If that’s the case, and god or the gods are terrorists, then we’ll need an army of super humans to battle them for control of the universe. I’m up for it. Just because we control the universe doesn’t mean we have to “control” the people in it.

If you still have a ps2 you should check out God of War 1 & 2. Not only are they excellent and revolutionary games, but they deal with the whims of the gods, and what a mere mortal can do about them.

2. Gabriel - December 5, 2008

“One inediate who has been attracting followers to breatharianism is Australian Ellen Greve, a.k.a. Jasmuheen. According to Greve, a former financial advisor, we can get all the nutrition we need from prana, the universal life force. She is the author of Living on Light: A Source of Nutrition for the New Millennium, a 21-day program that will allow the body to stop aging and attain immortality by living solely on light.”

This is hilarious! I’d like to read her book. Got this quote from:


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