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Mumbai attacks December 3, 2008

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The more I read about these attacks, the more angry I become. This is the result of a Bronze Age type of thinking. The belief in a god is one of the very few things that can cause a human to commit such brutal murder. Lets think about some other reasons one would murder an innocent person: mental illness (schizophrenia, a sociopath, etc.) I’m not saying that people with a mental illness will kill, but many murderers do have a psychological disorders. According to Dr. D.A. Hill and others who worked on research in this area, in the paper Psychiatric Disorders in Single and Multiple Sexual Murderers concluded:
 Results:High lifetime prevalence rates were found for substance abuse or dependence, paraphilias (especially sexual sadism), sexual dysfunctions and personality disorders (especially antisocial, borderline, sadistic and schizoid). This of course is in regard to murders and sexual related murders, but it shows us that these people are deranged. The belief in a god so pervades ones mind and saturates their entire view of reality. These people are sick!

Well, on a positive note, Jon Stewart had an absoultely wonderful take on these attacks last night on The Daily Show: http://www.hulu.com/watch/46862/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart-mon-dec-1-2008



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