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I’m in love with Roger Ebert! December 4, 2008

Posted by rationalskeptic in Society and Culture.
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Since the release of Expelled, the intelligent design propaganda film starring Ben Stein, Roger Ebert has yet to publish a review of the movie. Well, today Ebert finally came out with his brilliant critique of Ben Stein’s baby. Ebert does not hold back his critical analysis, and surprisingly presents one of the best arguments in opposition to the movie (and ID itself) anywhere. The blog is relatively long, but I think it is a must read for people who know the truth (evolution) and for those who deny the truth.




1. Gabriel - December 4, 2008

While I can’t comment fully on this article I’d like to say that I didn’t know Ben was into ID. Seems like he was a smarter guy than that. Then again, me saying that implies that I know for a fact what’s real about our creation and what isn’t… I’m inclined towards evolution, but I’d also like to share with you some fiction I’ve been working on.

Why don’t you have me over to watch it, or come to my place and bring the movie. I’d like to see what he created.

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