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Prop 8 ‘The Musical’ is sublime December 10, 2008

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Prop 8 ‘The Musical’


This video blew me away.  Jack Black, John C. Reilly and others made this satire mocking the passage of Proposition 8, the ballot measure that passed on November 4, 2008 to ban homosexual marriage.

This video is potent in the fact that there are many popular celebrities speaking out against this measure, and I believe that this could actually influence “middle America.”




1. Denise - December 11, 2008

Didn’t influence me. I believe I am “middle america.”

If I were more religious I think I would have found it insulting that they talk about the bible the way they do. I am not an avid reader of the bible, but come on!

I can’t help but think that if people vote on something than thats the way it should stay. I wonder what would happen if people were allowed to vote on abortion. Would the hollywood freakos make a satire to mock people if they voted down abortion too? Probably be too gruesome to cover the same way.

The video amused me….. for one.. gay people are a large enough group to save the economy? Funny, and not very realistic. Oh and they portray the opponents of gay marraige as if they are uptight prudes. Also funny, since from what I understand the statistics show that the people that voted for prop 8 were mostly hispanic and black people, and I doubt they would be able to make a substantial claim that any of those people were anything but the typical middle to lower class American.

2. rationalskeptic - December 11, 2008


I think you critique is valid, but there are a few things to point out. I think the homosexual marriage issue is completely different than abortion, and if abortion was voted down then the celebrities might make a satire from the woman’s rights angle. The issue is the fact the we are all supposedly created equal, but not in this case.

Also, the Mormon church collectively funded over $20 million to help pass Prop 8, and I think they are the main targets in this video, justifiably. This money was used to make false and religious claims as to the consequences of homosexual marriage, and I think this kind of propaganda helped sway some ignorant people to vote for the proposition when otherwise they may not have.
Just my opinion, and thanks for commenting on this site!

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