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High-temperature superconductors December 14, 2008

Posted by rationalskeptic in Physics, Science.
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High temperature superconductors?

High temperature superconductors?

Photo/article courtesy of physorg.com
The international team of physicists, led by Professor Nigel Hussey from the University’s Physics Department, publish their results today in Science Express, a rapid online access service for important new publications in the journal Science.
Superconductivity is when a pair of electrons are traveling in opposite directions, become attracted to one another and loose their electrical resistance, and thus creates a current (energy). (A paraphrase from the article)
Physicists have been working with low temperature superconductors for years, but if this advancement remains viable then the possiblity of room temperature superconductors could emerge,
“This holy grail of superconductivity research holds the promise of loss-free energy transmission, cheap, fast, levitated transport and a whole host of other revolutionary technological innovations.”


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