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Bush’s midnight farewell December 21, 2008

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 [This blog was adapted from an article in the current Rolling Stone magazine, issue 1068/1069, entitled Bush’s Final Fuck You.]

Bush's Midnight Farewell
The term “midnight regulations” entered the American vocabulary at the end of the Carter administration, when Carter pushed through 10,000 pages of regulations before the end of his term. President Bush is set to push through double the amount of “midnight regulations” than Clinton and quintuple the amount of Reagan. These regulations are common, but Bush is setting a troubling precedent.

Some of these laws are sure to concern people of all political ideologies:

(Many of the environmental measures are frankly shocking considering the magnitude of the consequences)

Coal lobby:  a measure opposed by the governors of TN & KY,(as well as the EPA) that will allow waste from coal mining to be dumped into local valleys and streams.

Agriculture: (in disregard of the Clean Water Act,) allows waste from factory farms to seep unregulated into the public waterways.

Chemical: exempts over 100 primary polluters from monitering emisions.

Labor: limits the amount of time workers are able to take off under FMLA.

Health care: limits health benifits and raises co-payments which will cause many impoverished on Medicaid to pay %10 of their doctor visits and pharmaceuticals costs.

Security: overturns the laws that prevent state law enforcement from spying on Americans and shares the information with Federal intelligence agencies.

These are a small sample of the current “midnight regulations.”

*The Rolling Stone article goes much deeper into the issue.



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