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“15 Evolutionary Gems” January 6, 2009

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"15 Evolutionary Gems"

"15 Evolutionary Gems"

The magazine Nature published a wonderful piece this past week, of 15 evolutionary gems.


These 15 “gems” are relatively recent discoveries, and are extremely helpful in illuminating  the solid scientific data pertaining to

 evolutionary theory (not the the theory needs any more evidence, considering the current evidence is absolutely overwhelming in it’s breadth, depth, and scope).

(PZ Myers created a great outline of the article, from Pharyngula):

  1. The discovery of Indohyus, an ancestor to whales.
  2. The discovery of Tiktaalik, an ancestor to tetrapods.
  3. The origin of feathers revealed in creatures like Epidexipteryx.
  4. The evolution of patterning mechanisms in teeth.
  5. The developmental and evolutionary origin of the vertebrate skeleton.
  6. Speciation driven indirectly by selection in sticklebacks.
  7. Selection for longer-legged lizards in Caribbean island populations.
  8. A co-evolutionary arms race between Daphnia and its parasites.
  9. Non-random dispersal and gene flow in populations of great tits.
  10. Maintenance of polymorphisms in populations of guppies.
  11. Contingency in the evolution of pharyngeal jaws in the moray.
  12. Developmental genes that regulate the shape of beaks in Darwin’s finches.
  13. Evolution of regulatory genes that specify wing spots in Drosophila.toxin resistance.
  14. Evolution of
  15. The concept of evolutionary capacitance: the idea that environmental stress can expose hidden variations that are then subject to selection.


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