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Anti-Abortionists= logically deprived January 22, 2009

Posted by rationalskeptic in Society and Culture.
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How can someone devote their life to a cause, and be utterly clueless about the consequences of their worldview? 



1. Denise - January 22, 2009

Wow! Amazing how a simple question can expose such lack of locigal thought.

2. Gabriel - January 26, 2009

If she knows she’s killing her child…

Isn’t that what an abortion is? What kind of person doesn’t know they are killing their child when they get an abortion?

3. JSL - September 9, 2010

They aren’t thinking as illogically as you suppose (or as you would like).

Before I explain, I’ll step out and say it…if abortion were illegal on the basis that it is a form of premeditated murder, then women having abortions should go to jail for premeditated murder.

Now, how consistent is that? But you won’t like that answer either, I am quite sure. You’ll criticize these pro-lifers for not giving an answer that follows their premise, but I am sure I won’t do much better with you by giving the answer you say they should have.

Jesus Christ described people like you. He said, “We played a song for you, and you didn’t dance. So we played a dirge for you and you didn’t cry.” In other words, your goal is just faultfinding, so you won’t be satisfied either way.

So these folks are illogical…you folks are duplicitous.

But are they really that illogical? No. Their concern is for the unborn, not punishment for those who have abortions. They want the killing of the unborn stopped, but that doesn’t necessarily entail punishment in their minds, because it isn’t about that. It is simply about protecting the person in the womb.

Obviously, the only way to curtail abortion is to pass a Constitutional amendment (which will never happen, so a big “so what” is really in order here), and with law there must be consequence. So, yeah, they should be thinking about the question.

But given that their goal is the protection of the innocent far above and beyond punishment for the perpetrators, it certainly is a condescending thing to judge them in this way.

And their responses certainly undercut the accusations of those pro-choice advocates who want to stereotype pro-lifers as intolerant and vengeful. We certainly didn’t see that here.

Finally, how slanted is this REALLY? How many people did they ask who DID give consistent answers? We don’t know, but I have a hard time trusting a collage of interviews in which EVERY participant just HAPPENS to give the answer the interviewer wanted them to give. You guys aren’t really so dense are you?

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