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Banana Man, Ray Comfort January 22, 2009

Posted by rationalskeptic in Science.
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Pulling the plug

Pulling the plug


Once again, I cannot figure out whether this christian is ignorant or intentionally deceiving people.

Ray Comfort is a christian apologist and creator of some of the m0st terrible metaphors and analogies. For example, he compares the “atheist’s” evidence for the existence of everything (the big bang), to his house that would not exist without a builder. The absurdity should be clear, because he is making a claim that is counter to the facts as we know them, (we know that houses are built by people). Comfort is a logical fallacy factory, his primary fallacy is the straw man. Since Comfort has no ground to stand on when it comes to empirical evidence, he must make a caricature of his opponents arguments. Depriving his audience of actual facts and playing semantic games, are his primary ways of recruiting people to his religion. 

At the very least, Comfort needs to take some undergraduate science courses. Until then, he is doing our job for us.

This video will show you the intellect of this man:



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