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Why Evolution Is True February 8, 2009

Posted by rationalskeptic in Biology.
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Why Evolution Is True by Jerry A.Coyne

Human, Australopithecus, and chimpanzee.


Jerry Coyne is a Biology professor at the University of Chicago. He has been a major voice in the evolution/creation (intelligent design) “debate.” His new book is called Why Evolution Is True, and I recommend it to everyone!

This is a great rendering of two of our common ancestors, and a perfect example of transitional fossils. Of course, the intelligent design folks will want transitional fossils for these transitional fossils, silly theists!

(The picture is a link to Coyne’s new blog)



1. rationalskeptic - February 8, 2009

Does anybody comment on your blog Mr. Rationalskeptic?
I love the fossil picture though!

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