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The Crux of the problem…and a great new blog! March 29, 2009

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The bane of America

The bane of America

This is America’s biggest problem (This is a real church sign in Arkansas).













The Why Evolution is True blog by Jerry Coyne, is another great resource for the reasoned thinker. The church in Arkansas was correct, because the only way someone can believe in the supernatural or a god of any kind must suppress their reason and embrace faith. In our society faith is held up as a wonderful virtue, but by any objective standard faith should be held as a negative characteristic in a person. I believe this because people cannot live consistent lives when they have unflinching faith in one aspect of their lives, but find it foolish in any other realm of their lives. This inconsistency creates a glaring logical fallacy inherent in their ideology. Furthermore, like the signs says, faith squelches reason and this can only have enormous negative consequences on any society; i.e. the Islamic world. If god gave everyone a mind with phenominal reasoning skills, we should immediately realize that he gave it to us for the realization that this ubiquitous fairytale is a delusion.



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