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Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett Debate a Few Theists November 18, 2009

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Debate – Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett vs Dinesh D’Souza, Shmuley Boteach, Nassim Taleb. Neutral: Robert Wright. La Ciudad de las Ideas 2009 Re-evolution




1. bobba kadish - November 20, 2009

the great debate!

2. JSL - September 10, 2010

Interesting – Dennett speaks about the predicament of unbelieving clergy. He speaks of their initial intentions to serve God by saying they had “wonderful hearts.” I do not contest that assessment at all.

What I will note is that, having become atheists, they receive Dennett’s full sympathy, even including his opinion of their pre-atheistic dispositions.

Isn’t it interesting that for a “former believer,” they are wonderful now AND they were wonderful THEN. But current believers will find no such sympathy from this man.

If you still find yourself believing, you are deceived, irrational, probably promoting evil, and psychologically/emotionally abusing your children. You are insane, though maybe not formally diagnosed, a menace to society, and altogether inferior. This fascist might even have you committed, were it in his power to do so.

But if you forsake your faith, all will be forgiven by Daniel Dennett. The fact that you might still lead people astray from the pulpit is just a consequence of the “terrible predicament” you are in. And what of your children and all the fear of a wrathful God you instilled in them? Well, the therapist will help them work through it. After all, you’ve always had a “wonderful heart.” This is proven by the fact that you eventually renounced your unreasonable belief in God.

Unbelievable, this guy.

3. Nate - February 10, 2011

This was a great debate — thanks for linking to it. By the way, do you live in the Birmingham area? I noticed you were at the Sheraton not too long ago…

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