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Purpose and principles

This blog has been created for the purpose of exposing the problems of pseudoscience, the paranormal, alternative medicine, and everything in between.

We encourage you (the reader) to email us any claim, story, etc and we will do the necessary research and post our findings on the blog.

1. The scientific method is our primary tool to get to the bottom of any claim.

2. Critical thinking in every area of inquiry is required to maintain consistency.

3. Promote education and to make it fun for everyone.

We hope you enjoy the articles, links, posts, and entertainment to come!



1. Greg Waddell - April 28, 2010

How about investigating the claim of Global Warming. I am a skeptic. I believe it is more like a religious belief than it is a scientifically based theory. Recently, however, it has gained tremendous force by uniting with powerful political agendas. So we have religion united with politics and true dialog based on the evidence gets left behind. What do you think?

2. casey giddens - September 8, 2010

hey, do you live in birmingham? i realize blogs are popular and can reach a wide audience, but i guess i’m old school, face-to-face. would like to meet you and your wife, to understand where you are coming from. it’s actually refreshing to meet people in birmingham who don’t just go with status quo flow of southern christianity and think about why they believe what they believe; and are open-minded in the true sense. no agenda, not going to “evangelize” you. just curious who you are.

3. casey giddens - September 8, 2010

last message not intended for last commenter, but for the blog author

4. Katie Reid - October 12, 2010

Dear Blogger,

I was just reading your note about the debate between Hitchens and Taunton and the questioning of Taunton’s kindness or condescension, whichever it may be. He is kind, that is for sure. As for condescension, any of us no matter what we believe are guilty of it at some point. But some people, like Taunton, take great care to listen and respond in intelligence and earnest to those who disagree. Speaking what one believes that is contrary to what someone else believes should not be so quickly dismissed as condescension just because we disagree. In fact, these situations are ripe for hunting for faults in others so we can reject their arguments. We should certainly take great caution to evaluate and judge their character with so limited a discourse and limit our judgments to the merits of their argument and the care to which they take to appeal to the objections, motives, and beliefs of those whom they are debating.
Sometimes Christians and sometimes atheists, well sometimes all of us, judge those we don’t know because they attack what we hold to be sacred or true. We respond poorly. For that I know I am guilty, and I am sorry. I am sorry that many of us do not respond in kindness when what we anchor our lives on is attacked. But please, before you think we are stupid or rancorous and call us so, remember – that is also condescending and no one should be surprised that this approach produces ill feelings on either side of the debate.
Personally, I tried twice not to believe and went to great efforts to prove my faith false. I will spare you the extenuating circumstances. They were severe. But I couldn’t. I had every reason not to believe, but my faith remained. And I am left with this one reality, my faith is a gift. I do not begrudge others who have not yet received the same gift I treasure, I just pray they will receive it too and try to share with them why I believe and respond in kindness when I hear why they don’t. Because you are rational, I hope that you will perceive this note was sent in thoughtfulness and kindness with the hope that it will offer you a different perspective of those with whom you disagree. As for praying for Hitchens or you, I just did, not because he is a big fish and you might be a big fish in training, but simply because I can see that there is no point to this world or this life unless there is something far greater than ourselves. The miracle is that Something loves me and humbled Himself to the point of death, so that I could be free from the sin that so easily entangles me. He offers this to us all, even those of us who are unkind, condescending, and proud, and I for one am grateful.

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