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Obama repeals federal stem cell ban March 8, 2009

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Obama set to lift restricttions on stem cell research

Obama set to lift restricttions on stem cell research

Once again President Obama, makes a decision that is quintessentially pro-life. Former President Bush implemented the federal ban on embryonic stem cell research to 21 cell lines that were made available before August 9, 2001.
Elias Zerhouni, National Institutes of Health Director under President Bush said, “It is very clear from my point of view that the current cell lines will not be sufficient to do the research we want to do,” and Bush’s ban was protested by a consensus of the scientific community since it’s inception. President Obama has been unequivocal in his support of science, and he continues to do so with the lifting of this ban.
This research could lead to medical breakthroughs that could save millions of lives across the globe. Nothing could be more pro-life than that.