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The Jefferson Bible; The Life and Morals of Jesus August 16, 2009

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(Once again a word from Mr.Jefferson)

 Also, check out the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible.

*Since Jefferson literally cut out the parts of the bible he didn’t particularly care for, he must be a heretic. Isn’t it funny how the fundies will shout from the rooftops that America was founded as a “Christian Nation,” but when confronted with the facts they just push them under the proverbial rug.



  1. Early Years and Ministry               [Unrevised KJV text]
      Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem, where Jesus is born; He is circumcised and named and they return to Nazareth. At 12 years of age, he accompanies his parents to Jerusalem and returns. John baptises in Jordan. Jesus is baptised at 30 years of age. He drives the traders out of the temple. He baptises but retires into Galilee on the death of John. He teaches in the Synagogue, explains the Sabbath. Call of his disciples.
  2. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      The sermon on the mount.
  3. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      The sermon on the mount (continued).
  4. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      Exhortations. A woman anointeth him. Precepts. Parable of the rich man.
  5. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      Precepts. Parable of the Sower. Parable of the Tares.
  6. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      Precepts. Parable of new wine in old bottles. A prophet hath no honor in his own country. Mission, instruction, and return of apostles.
  7. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      Precepts. Parable of the wicked servant. Mission of the Seventy. The feast of the tabernacles.
  8. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      The woman taken in adultery. To be born blind is no proof of sin. The good shepherd. Love God and thy neighbor. Parable of the Samaritan. Form of prayer.
  9. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      The Sabbath. The bidden to a feast. Precepts. Parables of the lost sheep and the Prodigal son.
  10. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      Parable of the unjust steward. Parable of Lazarus. Precepts: to be always ready. Parables of the widow and judge, the Pharisee and Publican. Precepts.
  11. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      Precepts. Parable of the laborers in the vineyard. Zaccheus, and the parable of the talents.
  12. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      Goes to Jerusalem and Bethany. The traders cast out from the temple. Parable of the two sons. Parable of the vineyard and husbandmen. Parable of the king and the wedding feast. On tribute, marriage, and resurrection. The two greatest commandments.
  13. Teachings and Parables                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      Precepts: pride, hypocrisy, swearing. The widow’s mite. Jerusalem and the day of judgment. The faithful and wise servant.
  14. The End Times                             [Unrevised KJV text]
      Parable of the ten virgins. The parable of the talents. The day of judgment.
  15. The Betrayal                                 [Unrevised KJV text]
      A woman anointeth him. Judas undertakes to point out Jesus. Precepts to his disciples. Washes their feet. Troubled of mind, and prayer.
  16. Arrest and Condemnation               [Unrevised KJV text]
      Judas conducts the officers to Jesus. He is arrested and carried before Caiaphas the High Priest and is condemned. He is then carried to Pilate, who sends him to Herod.
  17. Crucifixion, Death and Burial         [Unrevised KJV text]
      Pilate receives him back, scourges and delivers him to execution. His crucifixion, death and burial.

P.Z. Myers’ response to another ignorant Christian January 20, 2009

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I decided to post this entire section from a recent post by P.Z. Myers at Pharyngula, because P.Z. does not hold back and hits all the nails on the head.


Gerald Warner, death cultist

“There’s probably no God” is an accurate summary of the atheist position. There’s no virtue to be found in iron-clad certainty, and it is no sign of weakness that a statement might allow for acceptance of evidence in contradiction. People like Warner, however, think that certainty is a necessity. It is unassailable certainty in their positions that allowed good Christians to march people of another religion into ovens at bayonet point; that allowed good Christians to hang widowed old women for witchcraft; that led to wars and genocide over trivial matters of theology, like the degree of god-nature in Jesus’ existence; that allows racists and homophobes to declare a significant portion of our population to be second-class citizens; that encouraged priests to appease imaginary beings by burning babies; that led to monsters cutting the living hearts out of their neighbors so that the sun might rise. Let’s leave certainty to the oleaginous evangelists, the jingoistic war mongers, and the other con artists selling us bogus solutions to imaginary problems. A little uncertainty, a little willingness to accept that deeper knowledge might change our minds, is a good thing.

But if Mr Warner really demands some kind of absolutist comment, I can oblige. I am utterly certain that no god-walloping, bible-thumping, jesus-humping, apologetics-babbling theological dingleberry has ever provided a single scrap of the kind of rational evidence for a god that would convince a rational human being of normal or better intelligence. All they have is fear and ignorance and conformity to prop up their absurdities. Better? Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite fit into a short slogan.