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God or No God? Christopher Hitchens vs. Larry Taunton October 3, 2010

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Christopher Hitchens debates Larry Taunton, Executive Director of Fixed Point Foundation.
October 19, Billings, Montana. 7pm. More (fixed-point.org)

(I am looking forward to this debate because of the opponents relatively new friendship, Taunton’s style/delivery and of course watching Hitchens debate someone he has not debated before.)  Quite frankly, I wish all Christians were more like Taunton, because of his openness to dialogue and debate and honesty.  Although, sometimes he seems to fall into the same trap of condescension and a coy attitude towards unbelievers, of course everyone can exhibit these bad habits, but I experience this attitude from Christians literally on a daily basis.

Here is a clip of Taunton responding to the news of Hitchens’ diagnosis: